Frequently Asked Questions.

Q.  How much is my Gold Jewellery Worth?

We will look at each item and calculate the gold content and the value of your gemstones. We take into account the age and style of each item. Since we specialize in Estate Jewellery we will pay much more for the quality Antique, Vintage and Diamond Engagement Rings.
Bring it in and you might get a nice surprise!
Remember we will pay much more for Antiques Jewellery than just gold value ! 


We buy items that contain Gold, Silver, Platinum, Large Diamonds & other Precious stones. We also buy fine Antique Glass, China and Silverware. You are always welcome to call to see if we are interested. Please look at the previous page for details.

  • * Damaged, Scrap, Old or even New Gold Jewellery.
  • * Old Jewellery from past relationships that you are ready to move on.
  • * Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, Chains, Anklets, Bangles.
  • * Gold Watches, Rolex, Pocket watches.
  • * Brooches, Charms, Gold Coins and Nuggets.
  • * White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum.

  • * Antique English Antiques, Glass and China.
  • * Sterling Silver tableware, cutlery, tea sets, jugs, trays.
  • * War Medals and Masonic Badges. Coins.
See our Full List on the Previous Page " WHAT DO WE BUY"  If your item is not on this list and you are unsure please contact us, it maybe worth something!

Q. What don’t you buy?

Modern mass produced Jewellery from the Chain Stores like Zamels, Angus & Coote, Edments, Sheilds and Michael Hill, it will only be the gold value.
While there is a lot we can buy, there is some we cannot, as they have no value to us.

    Stainless Steel Jewellery.
    Body Piercing Jewellery, Nose rings, Belly rings.
    Copper or Brass Jewellery, Pandora, Swarovski or similar.
    If you bought it from the Internet, Police Auction or Bali.

Q.  Do you buy Silver?

Yes, we do by some Vintage and Retro Silver Jewellery but it really depends on the quality. You are welcome to bring it in for appraisal.  
We do buy old War Medals and other types of Antique medals and Silver Coins. Silver Pocket Watches and Chains. Old Marcasite Jewellery and Danish Jewellery.

We also pay Top Prices for Hallmarked English Sterling Silver Tea Pots, Coffee pots, milk jugs, serving trays, perfume bottles, cutlery & salts to name a few.

Q. How much is my Old Jewellery Worth?
This will depend on its quality, precious metal content and types of gemstones.

In General, Diamonds are worth more than other precious stones. We always pay a Premium for Quality large diamonds over 1.0 ct in size.

Silver is not worth nearly as much as gold, but depending on the piece may be of some exchange value.
You are also welcome to call us, however in most cases we need to see the piece to determine its proper value.

Q. How Will I be Paid?

Once your Jewellery is appraised, we will make you an Offer. Once you have agreed, we will pay you on the spot! Either Cash or into your Bank Account. Please make sure you have your Banking Details with you for large amounts.

Q. How much will I be paid?

With Gold you need to know that it is an international traded commodity with the price varying on a daily basis. In addition, the price of the Australian Dollar is also instrumental in the final worth of gold on the Australian market.
We pay the Same as the Perth Mint for Old Scrap Gold, but remember will will pay much more for Antiques Jewellery than just gold value !

Please remember that your Jewellery will not be all gold. Different carats yield different ratios of gold, as per below, and the weight of stones will deducted.

9ct gold      =   37.5% gold
14ct gold    =   58.3% gold
18ct gold    =   75% gold
22ct gold   =    90% gold
24ct gold   =    100% gold

Our Workshop uses the latest Methods for Accurate Testing of your Gold, Jewellery and Gemstones.

Q. Why can I trust you?

We are a Owned & Operated Australian Business with our Roots going back more than
5 Generations. Our Staff have over 35 years experience in the Buying and Selling of Fine Jewellery in Australia. We have the Resources and Contacts within our Local Industry and Overseas Buyers.

We are proud Members of the Gemmological Association of Australia and the Jewellers Association of Australia. Licensed Jewellery Valuer, Master Jeweller and Diamond Grader.
Specializing in Down Sizing and deceased estates.

We are the Only Gold Buyer in Perth with these Qualifications and will happily talk you through the every step.

Q. What  I.D.. is needed?

100 points of ID, Drivers License, Passport or Medicare Card. Current Bank Statement with address.

Q. Why do you Pay More  than others places? 

Because we are Professional Valuers, Jewellers and Antique Dealer we are able to expertly appraise all sorts of Jewellery and Gemstones from different Time Periods.

Other Gold buyers only want the Gold, they are not interested in the Workmanship or the Gemstones as they can not tell the Value.  They will simply Melt Down the Scrap Gold and Sell it on to another Dealer for a quick Profit.

Q. What if my Jewellery has stones?

Please don't remove the stones from the Jewellery before you come in. We will be able to advise once we see your pieces. Quality Antique, Vintage  and Designer pieces are worth more in the Original Condition.

Q. Do you Pay for Diamonds & Gemstones?

The most common Gemstones we pay for are Diamonds, but we do look for other good quality Gemstones like Sapphire, Ruby, Emeralds, Pearls, Aquamarine & Opal.

We Are always looking for large Diamonds in Good Condition. If you have the original certificates or paperwork please bring it with you as it speeds up the appraisal process.
If you are unsure bring them in for us to have a look at, we are very quick and you might be pleased you made the trip.

Q. Do I need to clean my Jewellery before I see you?

No. This is not necessary. 

Q. Do I Need to have the The Jewellery Valued First?

No, We are Valuers, so it is not necessary.

Q. Do we purchase gold teeth fillings?

Yes we do. Gold fillings can range from 22ct down to 9ct, we will test them to verify their gold quality.

By Recycling your unwanted Jewellery Gold & Gemstones you can help reduce the
huge impact Mining has on the Planet.

As Antique Dealers, we Recycle Everything we get from the little screws found in watches,  Gold clasps and fittings to the old Rhinestones in Costume Brooches from the 1950's.